About Us

Welcome to Travent - Your Gateway to Extraordinary Getaways!

At Travent, we understand that every journey is an opportunity to have wonderful experiences and create cherished memories and explore new places. Founded with a passion for and a commitment to exceptional experiences, Travent has emerged as the premier platform for travelers seeking unique and comfortable accommodations in the UAE.

Our Story:

Travent was born out of a dream to transform vacation stays in unique spaces throughout the UAE, where guests can have wonderful experiences they cant simply get from hotel resorts so we set out to redefine the way people experience new places. What started as a vision to bridge the gap guests and hosts and created a platform to make the process of finding and booking easier for both guests and hosts 

Our Philosophy:

At Travent, we believe that every journey is a personal narrative waiting to unfold. Our platform is designed to inspire curiosity and facilitate connections. We embrace diversity in travel styles, catering to adventurers, families, individuals and everyone in between. Each property featured on Travent has been carefully selected to offer not just a unique place to stay, but a home where memories are woven and stories are shared.

Join Us:

Embark on a journey with Travent and open the door to extraordinary getaways. Whether you're planning your next family vacation, a romantic escape, or a adventure with friends, we're here to make your vacation  dreams come true. Let Travent be your companion, your curator, and your connection to the far reaches of  the UAE’s  remarkable spaces.

Welcome to Travent - Your adventure begins here.