Promoting Responsible Hosting in the UAE


Responsible Hosting: Prioritizing Safety and Compliance at Travent

At Travent, we take responsible hosting to heart. Our commitment extends to encouraging hosts to uphold their obligations with a sense of purpose, ensuring seamless alignment with local laws and regulations. Hosting presents an avenue for enriching experiences, but it also calls for a significant level of dedication. In harmony with the Hospitality Standards, we've crafted comprehensive guidelines that embody the essence of responsible hosting.

Ensuring Safety: Your Top Priority

  • Emergency Procedures: Ensure the safety of your guests by prominently displaying local emergency numbers and the nearest hospital's information. Furnish a clear and accessible emergency contact number, backed by a reliable backup. 24/7 helpline and email support for emergencies and guest assistance should be provided in both Arabic and English.
  • Essential Supplies: A well-stocked first aid kit within your property stands as a testament to your commitment to guest safety.
  • Fire Prevention: Safeguard your property with fire safety essentials, encompassing fire extinguishers, fire blankets, gloves, and battery-equipped torches. Strict adherence to UAE fire safety regulations is paramount.
  • Clear Exits: Ensure the tranquility of your guests by clearly marking fire escape routes and affixing maps within your premises.
  • Hazard Minimization: Pledge a secure environment by taking proactive measures, especially in areas susceptible to fire, such as swimming pools and recreational facilities.
  • Privacy Respect: Uphold guest privacy by transparently disclosing any surveillance equipment within or around your listing. Comply with pertinent laws and solely share guest information with authorities.
  • Unhindered Access: Eliminate potential hazards like tripping risks, exposed wires, and bolster the security of stairs and balconies.
  • Child-Friendly: Create a haven for young guests by fostering a child-safe atmosphere or cautioning guests about potential risks. Ensure your home is safe for children, or else notify guests of potential hazards. If you have a pool, remind your guests that children should be supervised at all times when using the swimming pool. Ensure that guests know how to prevent young children from accessing the balcony and/or other outdoor areas if these are potentially hazardous. The guide  requires that children under the age of 14 should be supervised in all recreation areas at all times.


  • Climate Comfort: Maintain optimum ventilation and offer precise instructions for effective air-conditioning system usage. For properties with gas appliances, equip them with carbon monoxide detectors and adhere to gas safety protocols.


Neighborly Consideration: Cultivating Harmony

  • Building Etiquette: Familiarize guests with common area regulations and Owners' Association rules. Extend neighborly courtesy by notifying them of guest visits and reminding guests to respect their privacy.
  • Clear Smoking Policy: Communicate your stance on smoking with clarity and allocate designated smoking areas.
  • Parking Etiquette: Transparently communicate parking rules to guests, specifying the maximum vehicle count and assigned spaces.
  • Noise Awareness: Educate guests on maintaining noise levels, particularly during quiet hours. Enforce limitations on the number of visitors and ensure gatherings do not inconvenience other residents.


Navigating Legal Terrain: Ensuring Compliance

  • Local Law Adherence: Equip yourself with a sound understanding of local laws and regulations pertinent to hosting within your city or town.
  • Tax Insights: Stay well-informed about evolving tax policies, given the dynamic nature of tax regulations. Seek professional advice when necessary.
  • Contract Scrutiny: Scrutinize leases, contracts, and building codes to confirm the absence of subletting or hosting restrictions. Acquire essential permissions from landlords or relevant parties.
  • Mortgage Evaluation: If your property carries a mortgage or any secured loans, verify the absence of restrictions against hosting.

Responsible hosting resonates beyond your property's threshold, contributing positively to the well-being of guests, neighbors, and the local community. In the event of legal uncertainties, don't hesitate to consult appropriate government agencies or seek counsel from legal professionals or accountants.

Remember, embracing responsible hosting not only elevates the experiences of your guests but also enriches the collective hosting community. At Travent, we stand united in our commitment to fostering a culture of responsible hosting excellence.