Guest rebooking and refund policy- Frequently asked questions



1. What makes guests eligible for a refund, and how do you determine the amount?

Guests will be eligible for a refund if they report a valid travel issue—like the absence of a major advertised amenity, such as a pool—within 72 hours of discovery, and they provide appropriate evidence to support their report.

Guests are not eligible for a refund if a Host is able to resolve a serious issue quickly enough to avoid any negative impact on the stay or for a minor issue, like an unemptied trash can.

Typically, guests will only be eligible for a full refund for nights not spent in a Host’s space. When guests choose to remain in the space, they will generally only be eligible for a partial refund for any nights impacted by a serious travel issue.

The size of a refund depends on the severity of the issue, the impact on the guests, whether the guests remain in the space, and the portion of the stay affected.

Full refunds are generally only available to guests for major issues that cause them to vacate the space within the first 24 hours of their stay. Guests are eligible for only partial refunds if the issue is less serious, or they choose to remain in the space.

2. How am I protected from guests submitting false reports just to get a refund?

We take false claims very seriously. Our policy makes it clear that issues caused by guests are not covered and that submitting false or exaggerated reports may result in serious consequences for guests.

We have a process in place to assess and investigate all guest claims to help protect Hosts from false or exaggerated reports. This process includes requiring valid proof, such as photos of the conditions or confirmation of an issue from the Host. If we identify guest misrepresentations, we take appropriate action to hold guests accountable.

We have highly skilled, specialized customer Support team members who are experts on this policy. This team reviews all guest reports to determine whether they are supported with appropriate evidence. Depending on the nature of an issue, we may require that evidence be collected at the time of discovery to help ensure the conditions were not caused by guests.

We continue to invest in this dedicated team to help ensure we deliver a quality experience and issue refunds only when merited.

3. What if something happens that’s out of my control?

If you have a valid extenuating circumstance or similar situation beyond your control, we’ll work with you and your guests to find a mutually agreeable and fair resolution.

If guests cause damage to your property and you need time to fix it, you’re protected by Travent Host Protection reimbursing you for lost income if you cancel confirmed bookings due to damage.

If your space isn’t habitable at check-in because of the presence of pests, that can cause a very real health and safety concern for guests. A full refund may be necessary for a significant issue, such as a rat infestation, and we will assist with rebooking the guest.

We understand that some locations or spaces may be particularly susceptible to certain pests—mosquitos, ants, lizards, etc.—and we take that context into account. Disclosing the presence of endemic insects and animals in your listing description helps set clear expectations for guests in advance.

4. How can I appeal an outcome I disagree with?

Hosts who want to appeal an outcome can contact Customer Services Team  with appropriate evidence.

If a Host provides sufficient evidence that contradicts a guest report or that we have made an error in one of our determinations, we will either deny the guest claim or reverse our decision, as appropriate.

Some Hosts collect a time-stamped video prior to every check-in to ensure they have a record of the conditions of their space immediately before guests arrive.

5. If guests complain about an issue, will Travent cancel my future reservations?

For serious travel issues that could impact future guests on upcoming reservations, like a broken air conditioning unit, we may cancel future reservations until we have confirmation from the Host that the issue has been resolved.

6. Can I be held responsible for issues guests create, like not being able to get into the space because they show up early or can’t find its location?

If a reported issue is caused by guests, the Host will not be held responsible.

7. Can guests get a refund if they complain about something relatively minor, or about something I’ve already disclosed in the listing?

Minor issues, like a broken hair dryer, that don’t impact a guest’s stay and don’t require them to vacate would not support any refund. If your listing says that you don’t offer something, such as cable TV, you won’t be expected to have it.

8. Can guests get a refund if I fix the issue?

Prior to submitting a claim, whenever feasible, guests must notify the Host and try to resolve the issue directly with the Host before reporting it to us. Often when the Host resolves the issue, guests have no need to contact us, and no refund would be requested.

If guests contact us because an issue was not resolved in a timely manner by the Host, the amount refunded will reflect the portion of the stay that was impacted by the issue.

9. Can guests get a full refund after the stay is complete?

If guests remain for an entire stay and report the issue only after leaving, they will not receive a full refund. They could be eligible for a partial refund that fairly reflects the impact of the travel issue on their stay.